Friday, July 18, 2008

Mediocre Statistical Graphic

After some helpful feedback, here's a revised version of the graphic.

Original version:

Here's my attempt at the graphic. I tried not to read too much into the initial challenge or data, so this is my take:

  • Clean up the title-it had to make sense.
  • Use only the original table-I didn't want to change the general goal of the original poster.
  • Leverage how people tend to view politics today (thanks to the MSM)-so strong use of left/blue/democrat and right/red/republican.
  • I chose to keep the bar graph since the data had points in the gap for which there is likely more information (e.g. non-presidential election years).
  • The gaps between each bar is equivalent to the number of intervals between. There are three bars width between each bar, one for each non-represented year.
  • Finally, I tried to Tufte as much as possible removing irrelevant axis and grid lines.

I hope you enjoy.

1 comment:

derek said...

Nice. One extra bit of simplification would be to get rid of the legend of red and blue squares, and dircetly place text labels "Democratic" and "Republican" over the bars.

Also, on presentation, if you save your graphic as a GIF or PNG, instead of JPG, it won't turn out with smudged letters, and it will make a smaller file too (the JPG is over 16k; the equivalent PNG could easily be less than 4k).